In death as in out deepest sleep

In death, as in our deepest sleep,
We meet as One, no other there
To separate, creating fear,
All that remains is essence bare.
All thoughts of ceasing to exist,
In Truth, are but avoidances
Of facing fully what is met
At lifetimes end when grieviances
Are scattered to the winds of time.
Then resting in Eternity
We know, we recognise direct
The Truth of all humanity.
The I of you, the I of me
Is always, and has ever been,
This moment, the continuum,
Untouched, the void behind each scene.
Stripped bare of all beliefs is found
The one that is the seeing of
What does appear as otherness,
Worthy alone of this word Love.
There never was a seer here,
The seeing only could take place
Because the action was the seen,
Appearing as all time and space.
All, in the twinkling of the eye,
Is realised and understood,
Its obviousness, its blatancy,
No longer known as bad or good.
One action is all that appears,
No opposites arise in play
Where Oneness rules with clarity
‘Tis seen that night does follow day.
And e’en whilst breath is in these forms
‘Tis possible the same to see,
That all that is is I alone
There never was a you or me.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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