Between my finger and my thumb

I remember well when I was young
Between my finger and my thumb
I held the moon.
Those sparkling lights in the night-times’s sky
I stroked and touched as i did fly
On through the darkness.
They had not told me then of time
T’was just the length of a nursery rhyme
In my mind’s eye.
I was the space in which things were,
An empty space and nothing more
Until they told me
That distance, which I could not see,
Was all around and far from me
And i believed them.
Collapsed from radiance I fell
Into the constricts of the hell
Of size and lifetime.
There were those moments, when alone,
I tasted of my timeless home
Where all was in me.
Less and less those moments came
As I grew familiar with the name
They called me.
From my beauteous vastness taken,
With torturous thoughts I felt forsaken,
Time and space my snare.
Suffering the sense of separation
I found myself in desperation
One cold, wet night.
Looking to the starry sky
I begged to know the reason why,
A rusty jagged tin in hand.
There was no wish to carry on
In time, along with all the throng
With sheep mentality.
Suddenly I was again the seer of the global scene
And all that is and that has been
Was known and understood.
That single flash of eternal light
Had shattered an illusion’s night,
In one fell swoop.
I began from there to live again
I sang the wind and danced the rain,
And no one saw me.
For all are busy looking at and out,
If they would only turn about
And see me.
To know this Emptiness again
Is desires every aim
To know me.
There is, no matter how we try,
No answer to the question why?
Just cease its asking.
This place from which you ever flee
Is the resting place, the eternal me,
The question and the answer.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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