Last night you fell in love

Last night you fell in love,
This time for the last time.
Now you will fall forever,
Deeper and deeper into this
That is the Truth of you.
Love saw it happening,
Love was the doer of it,
Love did it to itself
For there is no you.
When you fell you dissolved
Into this pool of Love
That is Life. what is.
The structure of the me
Fell apart as the root was seen
To be nothing, unconditional Love.
The ripples were felt throughout
By Love, in Love
For there is only Love.
Only I manifesting as you,
The One appearing as two.
This is how and this is why
These words can be expressed.
What was felt was felt
Where there is no seperation.
They are being expressed by the One
Who welcomed itself home.
Now that Love’s illusion is seen
Though the me may appear again
From time to time
That one will be seen in Oneness
And one day will no longer arise.
There is nothing to do
For there is no one to do it.
Yesterday you prayed your last prayer.
Yesterday the one that you imagined
Yourself to be surrendered to hopelessness,
That prayer was its last sigh,
The breath of the separate one
Dissolving into the breath of the Divine,
The drop returning to the ocean.
Last night you fell in Love,
Now you will remain here forever.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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