The master is You

Avasa speaks in a retreat about the role of a master and satsang in the awakening process.


  1. nickgros says:

    hello Avasa
    I’m writing this to say I’m so sorry I left like a thief in the night without saying goodbye to anyone.
    I left my heart at the retreat.
    But what I took with me is priceless and beyond description.
    Maybe the Existence will have us meet again, or maybe not.
    Love to you and all the people at the retreat.

    • bodhiavasa says:

      Whether existence gives us the good fortune to physically share the space together again in the future or not the “WE” now is I.
      You have gone nowhere in my world and I have gone to the same place in yours, we rest as I.
      It was good to meet you.
      With much love Avasa

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