What is the ego

Sorry sweet master, but at the end, what is ACTUALLY, the ego?

if you are angry with somebody, you believe to be right, and him also and it is a neverending story… the ego is that stuff that is consuming you inside? that stuff that makes you feel offended, that makes you feel always right, or dumb, or many other things…? thank you, a kiss

You have half got the answer LOL
The ego is a thought that claims to be the producer of what has taken place through the body and claims to be the doer of that action.

When thinking occurs for instance it is followed by another thought which states that it has just thought what has just occurred, this is the thinker! an action! a verb NOT a noun.
BOTH are thoughts, thoughts are just actions arising through the body/mind.

Whether there is a thought present of there being someone who is right or there being someone who is wrong in a sense is irrelevent because the idea that it is produced by somebody is incorrect to begin with. If there is the belief ( which is itself a thought) that the thought is owned or produced by someone there will be accompanying feelings of someone being clever or stupid or the many other things as you say. Even these feelings belong to no one and are produced by no one !!!
Best way to understand this and SEE this is to realise that ego is NOT an entity but an activity.
Once it is seen that all thoughts and feelings are action only the concept of there being someone begins to dissolve, without help from an imaginary someone LOL

Your question is worth answering as fully as possible as once there is the clear seeing of the fact that there is no thinker or feeler (producer of the feelings) or doer of the actions of the form then the concept of there being a personal doer drops so feel free to requestion me on this if you feel the need to.

Buddha said ” there is DOING but no doer thereof”
What is SEEN here is in total agreement with that statement.
The whole of manifestation is action only, a constant creating happening.
Much love to you


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