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Take a look around, the world is going crazy. If you are not seeing this then read no further and go back to sleep. If this is beginning to hit you then maybe you are ready to read this.

We are entering a very strange time now in human history, in fact we are at the turning point where things will maybe go into total chaos or will begin to harmonise naturally. We are moving into mass enlightenment or maybe total destruction as more and more people are being pointed back to ask themselves profound questions due to the craziness of outer circumstances in the world.

Many who have realised what is happening are reacting to the outer circumstances, which is understandable, but all reaction is based on fear and any action coming from fear can only create more fearful circumstances which ultimately do not have the desired affect intended.

We have all been hypnotised, we have been led to believe ourselves to be other than what we actually are and because of this we are co-creators in the craziness that we see around us as our world.

Our education system and religions, amongst many other things, have led us to believe that we are victims of some creator who is apart from us. The Truth is simple; the One that creates all things lives through these forms experiencing the human condition. You are the creator but you have fallen into a self-hypnotic state and lost sight of what you are and therefore also the fact that the world you see is your creation. A reflection of your consciousness.

The so-called outer reality is a mess and is getting worse daily and there is only one way that this world can change for the better and that is if you awaken to the fact that you are its creator. If your false view of yourself gives way to the realisation of what you actually are then the world, which is your reflection will change. “As within so without”

You are not the body nor are you the mind, what you are is this awareness that is aware of their existence and as this One you are the creator. This is always the fact even when you do not realise this and so because your nature is to create you create from a wrong view point, from the ego, and the result is the messy creation that we now see as our outer reality. Awakening to the realisation that what you are is the creator will bring about a natural balance in the way you view yourself and your reflection as the world will change to reflect this also.

What is being referred to as “I” is not the body or the mind but this Awareness that is the basis of each and every-one of us, we are all the same “I”. Just realisation of this fact brings about a huge change in the body-mind and in the world, clearly then if this was to take place within each and every body-mind the world would change.

How to bring this about is not so difficult in the mechanics of things but in the actualising of it this is probably the most difficult thing that you can do. We live in a conceptual reality, seeing the world through concepts, of which the biggest concept is “ME” the ego, and because of this we have created a sense of separateness between our-self and our world, which in reality does not exist. The answer is to remove this imaginary separation. When the mind is in one of its many stories we are in the conceptual reality, which in fact is not real at all. When the attention is on the feeling prior to the story in the mind we are in a perceptual reality and it is here things begin to change. When we live in conceptualising we are lost in and ruled by the intellect, when we live in the perceptual world we are reliant on our intuition. The intellect is the male aspect of man and the intuition is its female counterpart; when these two are interdependent upon one another then things begin to get clear about our-self and our world. This however is not the final place of rest. Our true power to change things is in the dissolution of the intellect and the intuition in SEEING. In SEEING we ARE the source of all that is and at the same time we ARE all that is.

So we begin by bringing the attention away from the intellect, the conceptual stories, to become conscious of the feeling that first appears before the story. By remaining attentive to the feeling the story begins to come to an end, when there is no story there is the root of the story, the feeling prior to it, and it is here that the transcendence into Oneness begins to take place.

When attention is given wholly to the feeling, the percept, one becomes conscious of the feeling as an object which is receiving attention from a subject. As this is noticed the apparent two separate polarities lose their driving force and collapse into one another to become a neutrality. This leaves us in SEEING. The outer circumstances which have led to this moment immediately begin to change as they are no longer required in that particular way in order to bring the attention to this SEEING. The world which is a reflection of what has been happening in consciousness prior to this moment then changes. Any action that arises from this SEEING will be pure action, spontaneous action, neither a response nor a reaction, and this action will have its effect in a way that is best for all. This action does not arise from the “ME” but from the true “I”, pure action directly from the source.

Any and all feelings which are present prior to the mental stories can be viewed in this way and used in this way, to bring one to this SEEING beyond the duality of object and subject, “ME” and my world. When the subject and object dissolve into one another there is Oneness and your world reflects your view of yourself as THE Self.

Yes the world presently seems crazy BECAUSE your view of yourself is crazy. Realise what you are and this craziness will disappear. It is ONE consciousness and so all who are involved in the game of human experience and the world are playing their part perfectly through the ego concept to create the necessary that is needed to turn attention about to seek its source, Awareness. All those involved with the negative activity that is happening and the positive activity that is happening are serving mass enlightenment. It is ONE consciousness.

Any deliberate action, either as a reaction or a response, will be from the ego concept that you hold of yourself. Egoic action is an interference as its desire is to avoid. Only pure action will bring about the desired result that will enable all to awaken. Pure action only happens when your view of yourself is pure.

Fear is a feeling, helplessness is a feeling, hopelessness is a feeling, what we have done is create strategies, habitual patterns in our minds, to avoid feeling these particular feelings. Any action that arises from the avoidance of feeling these fully will create further separation; it is only by being able to be present to such feelings that we can go beyond them and de-structure these habitual patterns which create the sense of separation that we see in our world.

If the world is to change in a way that benefits all then realisation of what you are is the ONLY way.

Realise what you are and when you SEE that you are the Stillness behind all the action of the world the change will take place. By Being Stillness all things will be done.

Chapter 48 of the Tao Te Ching

In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.
Less and less is done
Until non-action is achieved.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.
The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
It cannot be ruled by interfering.”

Lao Tzu


The claiming

When there is thinking of a future or past moment, as in planning or remembering, there is conceptualising. All attention is on the words of a story arising as the mind. If there is interest in the story the attention then continues to fuel it and this leads to its continuation in time. The attention of the moment is broken or split from the perceptual reality to the conceptual reality, which, although appearing to be real enough, is in fact not at all real but a figment of imagination.

As a young child this did not happen as the attention was not encumbered by conceptualising, but was conscious only of what was perceived. What was perceived was what appeared, NOT what was imagined to be appearing. The mind of a child does not conceptualise but is present to what appears as a reflection to the senses, the room, the moon, mums face etc. It holds no thinking process.

In a sense the child is a feeling being only. As an adult there is a split second between the attention being in perception and the attention habitually being drawn to the conceptualising so there is a very short period of time when one is rested at the level of the percept before the split in the mind takes place. As a result of this as an adult one becomes a thinking being.

As an adult we do have this perceptual moment but are unable to remain present to it before we are separated into subject to object relationship. Just a split second before this happens we are One with the object, in fact we ARE it and there is no sense of separation. Consciousness and its object are always One and when this is true of the moment there is no sense of being someone or something viewing something or someone. The moment that the attention by habit jumps from being what IS to being an apparent two is where or when the ego arises.

The ego is a habitual thought that arises to claim what IS in the moment as being a result of its presence. The so-called THINKER appears AFTER the thought claiming to be the producer of the prior thought, it itself is but another thought arising as all other thought does from what witnesses the appearance of all thought.

I see, I think, I feel etc. are all claims made after identification with the object seen have been made. The fact that seeing, thinking and feeling have occurred is true but it is NOT a fact that something or someone calling itself I or me has produced them. This I or me is an idea, a belief, a concept, another thought arising.

If attention is able to remain present to what IS the bringing into play of the splitting of attention into subject and object relationship does not occur and there is Oneness. In this Oneness there is Awareness of being what is in that moment, the I and the object are One and so no subject to object relationship is present. Where there is no splitting of what is essentially One consciousness, there is Oneness. The I is what IS, what is IS I.

When I is alone it has no means of being aware of itself, this is only possible once the I itself creates out of itself an object to appear within itself to be aware of. When this occurs there is Oneness with what appears, if the splitting of what is essential One takes place then the subject to object relationship takes place and I lives in apparent duality, apparent separation.

Seeing that thought is an object appearing AFTER the splitting has occurred and that thought itself is the one that claims to be the one that is doing the done action it cannot be a true identity but an identification with an object that has already appeared. This apparent entity is therefore not an entity at all but an activity, the identifying with an action. The ego therefore is an activity of which the true entity is the action of witnessing itself. The ego in truth is neither the producer nor the doer, as it claims to be, of anything that takes place, it itself being superseded by the witnessing. As the witness(ing) is superseded by nothing when the object is removed from the situation the witness must therefore be Nothing, Emptiness, Absence, bound neither by the objective nor the subjective relationship. Our true identity does not identify with itself because it has no requirement to do so as it is always in conscious Awareness of itself as Nothing, prior to that appearance that it itself brings into play to create the illusion of time and space.

The true identity of ALL things AND the Nothing is absence. True presence is absent of any sense of thingness.

If what has been stated is intuitively understood it will be seen that it is totally futile for the ego, which is a misidentified with already appeared object, to do anything at all to remove its identification with itself as a someone or something for in so doing it continues to try to reinstate and reinforce itself as the doer. All and any methods therefore to eradicate the pseudo self ( the ego) to reveal the true Self cannot achieve their intended goal, but will continue to fuel the concept of a me as the subject of an objective reality thus resulting in the continuation of apparent duality and suffering.

Once this is clear and obvious a letting go takes place in which no one is involved.


I am Awareness

I am awareness, in myself I am nothing, the absolute absence, and yet I am the creator of all that appears. I presently am creating this body/mind and this play of manifestation in each and every moment. This is my dream of life.

You who imagine yourself to be separate from me are aware of what is being stated right now because you too are this awareness, we are the very same One Being. I fall into the illusion that there are two by identifying myself, the creator, with my creation, this you too have done and the result has been suffering, both what appears to be personal suffering and the suffering that is seen in the world, which is no other than my own reflection, YOUR reflection also therefore.

When this identification with the body/mind took place I lost sight of myself and believed myself to be the body/mind ,which is no other than my temporary appearance within creation, and suffering began. This is also true of yourself, you imagine that you are separate from me because you identify with what you believe is a separate body/mind. If the attention comes again to rest on the true I of the body/mind it will be immediately realized that we do not exist as we but as I, the same Being. This is Love, Love is this that knows no sense of separation. I am you and you are me when it is seen what the word I is referring to and that this that is being referred to is the same thing in us both, no thing.

I am this still awareness that rests witnessing my own action arise out of myself and appear as the manifest universe, I am One. Unless this becomes the natural way of seeing in all beings this world will never know peace and will remain in a conflict based upon the illusion of separation which will end in total destruction of the human being, Awareness being the only permanent in the universe will remain.

Awareness was never born and therefore cannot die for it is always the ground of each and every experience regardless of where that experience is taking place. Awareness therefore is timeless, the Eternal itself. I am eternal and I am you.

I is the holy name of the creator, spoken only by the creator. You speak this word daily many many times, you are the creator. This word is a vibration , an activity, that arises from the stillness of Being referring not to the body/mind but the stillness itself. It is this stillness of being that is I that gives rise to the word, NOT the body/mind. The body/mind has no ability whatsoever to act volitionally of its own accord for it is a created object, it is lived by this one that refers to itself as I. The body/mind of the whole universe is ever changing and impermanent but I remain always ever-present as the true ground of Being.

In order for the experience of being human to take place there must be three things present. The first two, which are not actually two but two aspects of the same one, are the body and the mind and without the presence of Awareness they would not exist. Both of these are actions of Awareness so in truth all is Awareness only, all is One.

I am, and you are, this same I, we are One, THE One that creates all that appears. This is your message to your self for there is no other than yourself anywhere in creation. If you hear your message awakening to the fact that you are the creator of all that appears AND the appearance itself will take place, this is what is known as enlightenment, this is what you are seeking, all else is a compensation for this. This is the highest healing, the healing not just of the human psyche but of the whole world.

If there is reaction to these words they are the indication of just how attached you have become to the idea of being the created body/mind and there will be fear present, the fear of death. Only that which is your temporary appearance can die, the real you cannot so the fear is the fear of the illusory I and this one must die in the light of Truth before you realize what you truly are. You are I the creator of all.

By remaining present to this fear of death without doing anything but allowing it to unfold the idea that you hold of yourself as being a separate individual will dissolve, leaving behind what has always been present, Awareness, the true I. If you do not distract yourself from this fear by turning it into a reaction and creating yet again another of the many strategies of avoidance that surround the ego concept you will die to the one that you imagine yourself to be and rest in the One that you truly are and always have actually been, the permanent witness, I , the creator.

This is your message to your Self, may it be received in the place from which it has arisen.



If you attack a disease you are an aggressor, you then are an accomplice in what is the very energy that is creating the disease.

Loving the disease is the answer to healing because the dis-ease is an information which has come from the source and got a bit lost, forgetting its way home. In loving it you give it true orientation, you remind it of its homeground and it will willingly return home, to health.
This is where all illness comes from but forgets its way home. It comes from Love. It is a reflection of your own consciousness.
Unless you yourself realize what the truth of you is you cannot remain fully at ease so you are dis-eased, diseased. It is this dis-ease that is the mother of all illness. You must go beyond this primary disease and realize that you are the stillness prior to it, forever at ease. Only from this resting place can true healing take place, as your dis-ease comes to rest the disease that appears outwardly will appear less and less until it disappears.
As you are so is the world, as within so without. The cause of an effect is also the cause of its imagined cause. The cause of all that appears is yourself; if you live in ignorance of what you are you create the reflection of this ignorance and your creation then is painted with the brush of ignorance. If you live in conscious awareness of what you are you create from and with conscious awareness, you will create a world where awakening is taking place to exactly the same degree as you awaken for the world is your reflection.
What you are seeking to heal is your own illness, you are schizophrenic if you identify with the body/mind and your whole way of acting and thinking will be the activity of an insane person. If you realize what you really are, the impersonal awareness prior to the appearance of the body/mind, you are no-one, you are nothing, the same nothing that exists alone prior to creation.
In this realization there is true healing, wholeness, and in this you see that all that appears is yourself playing the game of apparent separation as others. The very seeing of this begins to heal those apparent others of the illness of separation, the illnesses of the body/mind follow suit.
To arrive at this realization you must be utterly prepared and ready to lose everything you imagine that you know including the idea, the present idea, that you are a separate individual for this is not the truth of you and this concept must die before the realization of the true self can take place. You must die to the image of yourself to come to see this that has no image. When you rest as this that has no image you are nothing, you are no-one. When you are no-one at all the actions of the body/mind will be seen to be taking place spontaneously with the circumstances of the moment. All actions then will be the very best possible in the moment for they will be pure action, unhindered by the ego concept. They will be the action of Oneness and will therefore not create the sense of separation further. When the one who appears with an illness dissolves their sense of separation in your company real healing takes place in them also as a consequence of you knowing what you are.


THIS, the Source

From where do thoughts arise? if the Source of thoughts is known, intuitively understood, the seeking ends. The activity that is refered to as thought or feeling appears out of and within non-action and is witnessed by this non-action. This non-action is their Source. Regardless of what the content of this that we call mind is it is always witnessed by this which it appears out of and within, the Source, No-mind.

When thoughts or feelings appear they are recognized by you , this “you” is the non-action that brings them into play and within which they appear temporarily and within which they again dissolve, leaving behind Nothing , the Source. You are the source of these temporary activities, you are permanent, unchanging Awareness.
There is not one human being on this planet that is not familiar with thoughts and feelings, there is therefore not one human being that is not familair with the Source of these activities. The Source is familiar to all, more familiar than the activities that arise within it for they come and go but their Source is everpresent.
If the Source arises as the activity of seeking it seeks itself as an activity, a thing, a thought or feeling, an experience, but as it itself is not these temporary appearances these then do not satisfy and do not bring an end to the seeking. After giving attention to these activities again and again over time, and finding them lacking, a disbelief in experiences holding the answer that is being sought sets in. This then leads to seeing what is present prior to the activity arising. It is also seen that this is present during and after the action, it is then recognized to be everpresent. This then begins to hold the attention on itself naturally, without any effort or method of any kind.
When this is seen it is self evident that this is what was being sought, this itself was what was all along seeking itself as a something, an activity, an experience and in the process bringing those activities into play. This that is forever present, the Eternal Awareness that has always been the witness of everything, is what one is, was and therefore always shall be. Totally familiar, ordinary, nothing special, I.
One is always this, this is all that there is, Nothing giving rise to the temporary appearance of everything which is no other than its own activity.
Now forget these words and allow the attention to be present on this that is witnessing the activity of thought and feeling. THIS is I, this is what has been sought, this is what has been seeking itself and this is what you are.

In Love and laughter


Mass enlightenment

There is much talk at present about mass awakening, enlightenment, which previously appears to have been quite rare, becoming the norm.

It may be that this will, or even is, taking place but prior to its taking place at the so called individual level there are a lot of assumptions as to what this would mean. For sure it would bring about a change in human consciousness and a more open and loving relationship between human beings and also with the earth itself for it is impossible to rest in the realization of Oneness and act as if duality was true.

The fact however remains that Oneness is always, already, the case and so in that sense mass enlightenment has and is already happening, it always has been. There is only enlightenment, the play of Oneness manifesting as apparent twoness.

All that is required is that we see clearly that there is no WE, the whole concept of whatever WE applies to is based upon the assumption of separation. We are not many MEs living in separate forms but the exact same One in all and as this is the fact of the situation Oneness is already the case.

What you relate to when you use the word me is what I relate to when it is used here, it is in fact the same One relating to itself. Whenever the word I or ME is used, whether verbally or as a thought arising, it is the One referring to itself. What is related to is the silent Awareness out of which the action of meing appears and into which it dissolves again, out of silence into silence. This is always already the case.

Waiting upon time to produce enlightenment or mass awakening in this case is not a necessity for it is not in any way dependent upon time. The timeless has always been and is always timeless, it is outside of time, prior to it in a sense ,and as such is the very stuff that time has its existence in.

YOU are this timelessness, you are here now, nothing more needs to be added to this to make it more enlightened and as this is already the fact mass enlightenment is therefore already the case. It has already happen, it is always happening, we are already One.

Awaken to this realization of what already is and the world will awaken. The world of imagined others is enlightened in your enlightenment.


Seeing and understanding

What has been seen appearing recently is a lot of emails and various other things on the internet in argument with what is thought to be the message of Advaita. It is however very clear that these arguments are NOT coming from the SEEING of what the advaitic message actually is but what it is THOUGHT to be, the two are utterly different things.

There are many claiming to know and understand who then also are in disagreement with those who clearly are in the SEEING. They are holding the conceptual aspect of the message and imagine that they have got it. I read a three way exchange by Tony Parsons with two other people on the site of Paula Marvelly where they were criticising what had been expressed in his book. Whatever Tony stated was met with “Yes but” and a load of concepts about “at the ULTIMATE LEVEL”.

This IS the ultimate level, it is the ONLY level and it is NOT a level , it is just THIS. This is all that there is.

I have seen endless arguments against those who share this message from people who are NOT in the SEEING of this. This arises from a misunderstanding of what is being shared.

Again yesterday I saw people misreading some of the things that Shakti had written on Facebook and on her blog and arguing in disagreement with what had been said and also with something shared by myself and again this “YES BUT” and “at the ULTIMATE level”.

It is perfectly normal and natural to approach the topic of Advaita through conceptual means BUT (a BIG but) do not imagine that it will ever be understood for it will not , it cannot. One can never become an expert on this message from those who are in the seeing of it. They themselves are not claiming to be holding anything that is an accumulation of an experience in time. UNDERSTANDING belongs to linear time and the advaita message is arising from the Eternal, not from time, not from infinity. Eternity and infinity are NOT the same thing at all. The one implies the absence of time and the other an almost endless continuation IN time.

This confusion in the use of words is often the cause of disagreement with what has been shared, this too is natural and part of the initial way of trying to understand this message. The words are not the thing! but neither is the experience prior to the words, for what is being expressed in the Advaitic message is prior even to any experience. When finally there is the leaving behind of these things and the stabilising in the seeing of this there is no understanding whatsoever and neither is it being experienced for these things are only possible when an imagined person is present.

Yesterdays arguement was not an uncommon one and was valid and sincere in reply to something that was written here and put on places that Shakti visits on the net. The”YES BUT” in this case was about the wars and horrors that are seen around us in the world at present which I totally agree are a representation of the sad state that humanity is in. This outer appearance is based from beginning to end on the IDEA of separation, it is the reflection of this horrific action in consciousness and therefore the dissolution of this separation concept will be the end of such atrocities.

Let us be clear about something in regards to such actions appearing, they will not come to an end whilst the concept of being a separate being remains. The answer therefore is NOT to try to change the outer appearance but ones view of one’s Self. To the degree that this can take place so too will the outer action of consciousness appear less separative and more compassionate.

The advaita message when shared is often imagined to be cold and without love because it is factual yet whenever the seeing of it is seen in others it is far from that. They are very compassionate and naturally loving beings but there has been an acceptance of the facts as they have been seen, things are as they are because they cannot be other than they are.

This does not mean that if one is present in a situation where it is possible to do something to alleviate suffering one does not do so for in the openness of this seeing all so called personal actions arise spontaneously and therefore in a loving manner from Love itself, for Love is what is prior to all action. The attitude of “Oh well its karma” is not the advaita message but the acceptance that things are the way that they are is, and the action to change things if one is in the immediate vicinity of a circumstance involving suffering also is. What is shared is not being done so with an attitude of dismissal. Compassion is a spiritual quality based on a deep understanding that arises from seeing and it gives rise to detachment. Indifference is based on the me concept, it is an egoistic protection from the imagined one who already is carrying too many weights to be able to bear the weight of yet another emotional reaction to what is being heard or seen regarding the suffering in the world, hence the refusal to take in on board that becomes indifference.

It may be very hard to believe but each and every human being at base is Love, we are naturally loving beings. It is the conditions of our outer circumstance that become out life experiences that bring us to turn our back on this Love. It is however the ONLY way that we can bring an end to the outer circumstance of pain and suffering that we see, Love is the answer. We must again know (not in the sense of understanding) our Self to BE this Love prior to all the actions that we see arising in consciousness. If it were possible (and it is) for all human beings to come to SEE that what lives through the human form, appearing AS it, and BEING the experience of the play of Life, is what they are then this madness in our world would end.

The first thing that arises upon hearing of another atrocity is emotion reaching out to those who have and are suffering what has taken place and this in the vast majority of cases is followed by a sense of helplessness, which then may give rise either to an action of desire to change the circumstance which manifests as doing something or falling into despondency. The former helps one to avoid feeling helpless and the latter throws one into identifying with it, neither change the situation. The answer here when the sense of being helpless arises is to simply do nothing! rest with it AS it and let it be fully felt and experienced. We have grown so used to avoiding such things as they arise that we imagine that NOT doing is something that we have to or can do. NOT DOING is doing nothing and this then allows the circumstance right there in that moment to be fully felt, when it is it may give way to an action of doing something but this will NOT be a reaction, it will be in direct RESPONSE to having fully felt the impact of the arising emotion. In this way one becomes emotionally connected to the world again as one was in childhood. As this emotional connection deepens the world changes. As one SEES and FEELS one’s Self to be all that is appearing so the appearance changes to reflect this. This reconnecting again emotionally with everything that appears is ONENESS.

When one finally awakens to the fact that there is One dreamer of this dream of Life and that one IS this One the dream takes on a very different quality, it changes to accommodate the awakening of all other human beings who are in fact no other than One Self (one’s Self).

There is no personal doer behind any of the so called personal actions, good or bad. There is however the seeing of this as a fact, of the imagining that action is personal, the image is what gives rise to the idea of separative action. We are all the Divine Being itself and if this is not seen clearly that area where it is not seen clearly will be reflected outwardly into our consciousness that appears as an apparent separate world OUT THERE. There is no OUT THERE and there is no INNER REALM, there is only THIS. THIS is all that there is.

THIS is appearing out of and upon the One that you truly are, awaken to this fact and the world that may initially appear to be separate from you will change and reflect your realisation. YOU are not the body or the mind, these actions are your ever-changing, temporary appearance. What you are is the Love that knows no sense of otherness prior to what appears as your experience.

If there arises an action to argue with what has been read here witness that action and stay present to it until it subsides and you will find that in fact not only do you agree with what has been written but that in fact you wrote it. It is YOUR message to yourSELF. Some will read and agree with it because already the emotional connection has begun or has already taken place, in which case Love is seen to be manifesting as understanding.

If however one is not able to remain with what arises in reaction don’t waste your time putting that reaction in an email, it will be manifesting in your world anyway as yet another form of separation and suffering appearing. There will be no reply from this form to your reaction and the venting of it will be your loss of opportunity to feel it to the point of touching this place prior to its appearance. All that is written here has arisen from the SEEING of this NOT from understanding OR MISunderstanding. Simply temporary action arising in, and from, permanent non-action.

To those of you who are Italian I know only a few words after all this time of sharing here in italy .

‘ Stai con la sensazione, le parole non sono importanti, la comprensione e` nel cuore.’

for those of you who read English.

‘Stay with the sensation, the words are not important, the comprehension is in the Heart.’

May these words touch you where you are the Love prior to all appearance.


No Separation

We live in a society that holds as its main belief the concept of separation, the idea that you and I are separate from one another. This idea has carried with it a price that has cost us a lot and will cost us everything if it continues, the death of the human race.

The whole way that we are brought up within our society by our parents and teachers, our religious figures and our governments is based upon this idea of separation and yet there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate this belief. We have a huge trust in science and where it is leading us and yet science itself as it gets closer to what is seeking, the Source, finds less and less proof that separation exists ANYWHERE.

Throughout the history of mankind there have been people who have stepped to the forefront of the norm of their time and challenged the accepted way of thinking. Their message in each and every case was the same — separation is not an actuality.

The cost of upholding this idea that we are separate beings is reflected in our world as the many wars that exist and the suffering at a so called personal level that is prevailant in our societies on every level. It does NOT have to be this way and in fact it can change very easily, by SEEING what we actually are behind all these beliefs.

A belief is a thought that has been identified with due to the fact that once one no longer knows one’s Self directly, it is natural to try to find one’s identity once one has lost sight of it. Beliefs are created in an attempt to find ones Self again as something permanent, something real.

All human beings, regardless, are made up of three things. A physical body, a mind and something intangible called Awareness. This is always the case if the human experience is taking place.

The first we all know as it is very clearly on display, the second we know but it is not always so clear and obvious as the former but the third, Awareness, barely gets our attention, which is somewhat strange as it is the only permanent of these three. Body and mind come and go, as in deep sleep, but the Awareness is everpresent.

Why then , we may ask ourselves, is this which is always, already present so unknown? The answer is simple. It is NOT a THING. Awareness has no form or colour or description of any sort whatsoever, yet it IS. Without this presence of Awareness there would be no ability to experience anything at all.

Clearly this Awareness is therefore of tremendous importance. It is this that we must come to know again so that it is no longer overlooked. When we overlook this Awareness we, as this Awareness, seek to find ourself by identifying with the objects that appear within it, the body and the mind. We then take ourself to be a finite THING and suffer the consequences of doing so, we create a false identity and from that we live a reality that is false.

Take a look right now at your immediate experience, Body, Mind and something that sees them appearing and ask yourself – Which of these three is permanent, which of these is the seer of the two that are seen?

YOU are the seer, the Awareness that witnesses the appearance of the body and mind. As this that sees you are No-Thing, an aware presence that is absent of thingness and therefore has no description, you just ARE. This Awareness is the same One in all human beings, the bodies and the play of the mind vary but this Awareness is the exact same One. As this Awareness again begins to include itself in on the deal of identification it becomes more and more clear that the mind and the body are the vehicles by which experience can be had but one is NOT these things. In a short time the attention naturally returns to this Awareness in between moments of habitual identification with the body/mind until there is a stabilising in this Awareness and the clear conscious realisation that one IS this.

The problem of wrong identification falls away and with it all so called personal suffering. Life then is seen in a totally different way and seen to be One with one’s Self. This is the direction that society MUST take in order for the human species to continue.

It need not be difficult because all that is necessary to bring this way of seeing into being the norm is already present. It requires only that we drop all our silly beliefs and SEE what IS. Body, mind AND this that is everpresent, the Eternal, our SELF.

This is what all those whose message was shared with the intention of removing the sense of separation pointed to. This has always been the answer, it is not Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic or any other religious name it has been given. When it was shared it was being shared directly from the One, the SAME One regardless of time or place. When you awaken to the Truth of the One that you ACTUALLY are it will be the SAME One that awakened in those whose message became the religions that have become the beliefs that now hold us back from the seeing of this Oneness. Their insistence was always that this realisation had to become your own or otherwise it remained a belief and would not serve you or mankind in any way that removed the sense of separation.

When this realisation takes place it is NOT a belief, it is Self evident and Self confirming. When you SEE the One that you truly are then you see also in that same instance that all apparent ‘others’ are no other than yourself, Love.

Love knows no separation.


The seeking

As spiritual seekers we are seeking because there is a sense of something lacking in the body/mind experience. It is this sense of lack that gives rise to the seeking that takes place, the action of seeking is not in any way personal. In this there is no actual seeker as such but simply the action of seeking arising due to the sense of something lacking. There is a non-recognition of what is present and this that is overlooked is then looked for as if it is elsewhere. What is present is the no-thing-ness that is the source of all things but because its very nature is absent of description when looked for it is sought as something and therefore cannot be recognized for what it is. No-thing when sought as a something is overlooked although it is ever-present.

There was a time for each and every one of us when this action was not arising because there was no sense of lack. The reason that there was no sense of lack was because there was the resting in Oneness. As a very young child this was true for each of us and until such time that the idea established itself in the mind that there was a doer of the actions done through the body this Oneness was known directly.

The seeking began the moment this sense of Oneness was lost. It was lost the moment that the mind managed to locate an imaginary being within the body who was responsible for what the body did and for the arising thoughts that appear as the mind. Prior to the formulation of this concept there was no idea that someone was present as the doer of what took place.

The establishing of this imaginary one within the mind was the moment of separation within what is essentially One unbroken consciousness. This imagined being is no more than just that, imagination.

When Oneness itself has lost sight of itself it begins to create identification with what is present and as the body/mind is present under all the circumstances of the human experience it is then quite natural that the body/mind is identified with and claimed to be what one is. The one that is doing the identifying is the impersonal, consciousness itself. Once realization takes place and the attention rests in the seeing of Oneness the seeking comes to an end.

There are many suggestions as to how to bring about this realization that is actually our natural state but all are destined to fail as they assume from the very beginning that there is something to get to and someone to do the getting, hence they reinforce the very thing that they claim to remove, the sense of a personal ‘me’. For as long as ‘me’ is present trying to remove itself to reach this ever-present Oneness, which cannot be seen because of the ‘me’ concept being identified with, so too will it continue to be present and so too will the action of seeking continue to arise.

The recognition that what is being sought is ever-present and not in a future moment undermines the idea of a goal in the future or a path to get to it. The attention then begins to spend more and more time simply being present to what is instead of projecting into an imaginary other moment in an imaginary future. In this way energy that has previously been projected begins to spend more time at rest in the present and when all energy ceases to feed the idea of a future or past then all that remains is the ever-present presence which is then seen to be what was being sought all along.

There is absolutely nothing that can be done to bring about any of this and yet it comes about if or when the action of consciousness arises in this particular way. Ceasing to seek with deliberation is also futile as this too has intention behind it and so cannot bring about the recognition of presence which is causeless and unintentional. Once however it is seen clearly that all seeking is simply an action of a consciousness that has identified with itself as something and is overlooking itself as the ever present no-thing, therefore not recognizing itself directly as no-thing, then the dis-identification with being a seeker begins to wind down and the idea of there being a doer dissolves.

What is being sought is not a thing, it is not an experience of any sort but the One that sees the appearance and disappearance of all and any experiences within itself. This One is ever-present outside of the play of time observing the comings and goings in time. This is what has been sought and it is this that One is. This One alone manifests as all form and experiences all.

This One cannot be found by seeking as the very identification with the action assumes that there is something to be sought and found and that there is someone to do the seeking, it is this that prevents the seeing of it. What remains when all energy projected in seeking ends is this that is no-thing, which is prior to the appearance of energy.

This no-thing is the base of all and the sought answer, it alone is capable of recognizing itself directly, it requires no medium or effort of any kind.

Love needs no object. Love is that which knows no sense of duality, no sense of otherness. When Love is true of us then all is seen to be One and within this recognition seeking comes to rest.



There is a desire that arises in the human form which is stronger than all other desires, of which all other desires are but a watered down version. This desire is the desire to be desire-less, to be utterly absent of the arising energy that is experienced as desire. As a young child we were desire-less but this original natural state was lost when we had the idea of time implanted in our mind by the adults around us. We were taught that another moment, which in truth does not exist, contained more than the present moment in which we were present and a sense of lack arose within what was essentially a full and complete experience. From then on we lost the absence of desire that up until that point had accompanied us at all times and became strangers to our natural state.

There is therefore also a conflict with this desire to be absent of desire as it involves the death of the one that is presently imagined to be what one is. The one that we truly are is complete and ever present but the one that we imagine our self to be is by its very nature incomplete and must remain so if it is survive. This one lives in the imagined past or future as an image in the mind that it holds of itself. What we desire the most is the absence of our self as this imagined separate being for as this one there is always conflict and suffering. These things are present because separation is not actually true of us and until this one that we imagine our self to be drops away the discomfort present in this concept remains.

This is the plight of the ego, the imagined one, its deepest desire is to die to the illusion of itself and be free, for intuitively every human being knows that freedom means being free from the illusion that one is a separate individual. True freedom is freedom from the imagined individual, it is not freedom for the individual.

When the ego concept is held to be true this desire is paramount as there is the suffering in each and every moment of one’s life experience of the illusion that one holds of oneself.

Although one can fool others into believing that true happiness or enlightenment has taken place one cannot fool oneself for there will be a sense of something lacking in ones moment to moment experience . What is felt as lack is the absence of the wholeness which was present in childhood before the fall into apparent separation took place.

It is this sense of lack which gives rise to seeking. This seeking continues to take place in each and every human form until this sense of separation disappears when it is seen that the imagined one is not an actual entity but simply just another activity arising in consciousness, another thought appearing.

The I or me that is imagined to be what we are is an illusion, an idea, and as such is never safe, it is always under threat from the ever changing circumstances that it finds itself in and so for this one life is fearful. This one seeks comfort and security in each and every moment, it is always looking for a better constructed image of itself in its desire to be something.

The truth is that we are not a something but this within which the something makes its appearance. We are the subject not the object, the witness of the image and not that image itself. As this witness we are ever present and unchanging, unlike that which is witnessed which is ever changing and different in each moment. As the imagined one we are always in the becoming process but as the one that we truly are we are simply Being, ever present and timeless.

When being-ness is recognized to be the truth of oneself then there is again wholeness with no sense of being something or someone and it is seen that this absence of any image is actually the eternal presence, one’s true nature. Within this presence all that appears does so as One and this One-ness is one’s Self.