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What is the ego

Sorry sweet master, but at the end, what is ACTUALLY, the ego?

if you are angry with somebody, you believe to be right, and him also and it is a neverending story… the ego is that stuff that is consuming you inside? that stuff that makes you feel offended, that makes you feel always right, or dumb, or many other things…? thank you, a kiss

You have half got the answer LOL
The ego is a thought that claims to be the producer of what has taken place through the body and claims to be the doer of that action.

When thinking occurs for instance it is followed by another thought which states that it has just thought what has just occurred, this is the thinker! an action! a verb NOT a noun.
BOTH are thoughts, thoughts are just actions arising through the body/mind.

Whether there is a thought present of there being someone who is right or there being someone who is wrong in a sense is irrelevent because the idea that it is produced by somebody is incorrect to begin with. If there is the belief ( which is itself a thought) that the thought is owned or produced by someone there will be accompanying feelings of someone being clever or stupid or the many other things as you say. Even these feelings belong to no one and are produced by no one !!!
Best way to understand this and SEE this is to realise that ego is NOT an entity but an activity.
Once it is seen that all thoughts and feelings are action only the concept of there being someone begins to dissolve, without help from an imaginary someone LOL

Your question is worth answering as fully as possible as once there is the clear seeing of the fact that there is no thinker or feeler (producer of the feelings) or doer of the actions of the form then the concept of there being a personal doer drops so feel free to requestion me on this if you feel the need to.

Buddha said ” there is DOING but no doer thereof”
What is SEEN here is in total agreement with that statement.
The whole of manifestation is action only, a constant creating happening.
Much love to you


Last night you fell in love

Last night you fell in love,
This time for the last time.
Now you will fall forever,
Deeper and deeper into this
That is the Truth of you.
Love saw it happening,
Love was the doer of it,
Love did it to itself
For there is no you.
When you fell you dissolved
Into this pool of Love
That is Life. what is.
The structure of the me
Fell apart as the root was seen
To be nothing, unconditional Love.
The ripples were felt throughout
By Love, in Love
For there is only Love.
Only I manifesting as you,
The One appearing as two.
This is how and this is why
These words can be expressed.
What was felt was felt
Where there is no seperation.
They are being expressed by the One
Who welcomed itself home.
Now that Love’s illusion is seen
Though the me may appear again
From time to time
That one will be seen in Oneness
And one day will no longer arise.
There is nothing to do
For there is no one to do it.
Yesterday you prayed your last prayer.
Yesterday the one that you imagined
Yourself to be surrendered to hopelessness,
That prayer was its last sigh,
The breath of the separate one
Dissolving into the breath of the Divine,
The drop returning to the ocean.
Last night you fell in Love,
Now you will remain here forever.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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Leaves go
Where the wind blows,
Where the breath of the Divine
Carries them.
To be One with Life itself
All that is required
Is that we have no anchors
And dance freely.
There is no dancer,
There is only the dance,
All are caught in
The Breath that arises
Out of the Stillness
Of Being.
Sometimes two or more leaves
Are blown together
Down the same street
In the same direction
For a time together
And then they part.
It is possible that they will meet again
When the same breeze that guides them
And separates them
Joins them in its swirling.
This is how we meet and depart in Life
We are caught up in the flow
Of the Divine’s breath.
To be let go in this
Is to be rested in the hands
Of the Divine.
Going, coming,
Observing without interfering,
Just Being,
Knowing all the while
All is the will of existence
And ultimately one’s own.



This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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In death as in out deepest sleep

In death, as in our deepest sleep,
We meet as One, no other there
To separate, creating fear,
All that remains is essence bare.
All thoughts of ceasing to exist,
In Truth, are but avoidances
Of facing fully what is met
At lifetimes end when grieviances
Are scattered to the winds of time.
Then resting in Eternity
We know, we recognise direct
The Truth of all humanity.
The I of you, the I of me
Is always, and has ever been,
This moment, the continuum,
Untouched, the void behind each scene.
Stripped bare of all beliefs is found
The one that is the seeing of
What does appear as otherness,
Worthy alone of this word Love.
There never was a seer here,
The seeing only could take place
Because the action was the seen,
Appearing as all time and space.
All, in the twinkling of the eye,
Is realised and understood,
Its obviousness, its blatancy,
No longer known as bad or good.
One action is all that appears,
No opposites arise in play
Where Oneness rules with clarity
‘Tis seen that night does follow day.
And e’en whilst breath is in these forms
‘Tis possible the same to see,
That all that is is I alone
There never was a you or me.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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Between my finger and my thumb

I remember well when I was young
Between my finger and my thumb
I held the moon.
Those sparkling lights in the night-times’s sky
I stroked and touched as i did fly
On through the darkness.
They had not told me then of time
T’was just the length of a nursery rhyme
In my mind’s eye.
I was the space in which things were,
An empty space and nothing more
Until they told me
That distance, which I could not see,
Was all around and far from me
And i believed them.
Collapsed from radiance I fell
Into the constricts of the hell
Of size and lifetime.
There were those moments, when alone,
I tasted of my timeless home
Where all was in me.
Less and less those moments came
As I grew familiar with the name
They called me.
From my beauteous vastness taken,
With torturous thoughts I felt forsaken,
Time and space my snare.
Suffering the sense of separation
I found myself in desperation
One cold, wet night.
Looking to the starry sky
I begged to know the reason why,
A rusty jagged tin in hand.
There was no wish to carry on
In time, along with all the throng
With sheep mentality.
Suddenly I was again the seer of the global scene
And all that is and that has been
Was known and understood.
That single flash of eternal light
Had shattered an illusion’s night,
In one fell swoop.
I began from there to live again
I sang the wind and danced the rain,
And no one saw me.
For all are busy looking at and out,
If they would only turn about
And see me.
To know this Emptiness again
Is desires every aim
To know me.
There is, no matter how we try,
No answer to the question why?
Just cease its asking.
This place from which you ever flee
Is the resting place, the eternal me,
The question and the answer.


This poetry can be found on the CD “Running on Empty” where there are poems read by Avasa with the music of Anando.
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No enquiry is necessary

Today I was reading of the ‘ vacuity’ of the form and non form, and how is difficult to understand the concept of it. I did not get which kind of enquiry should be done.

Do not be so bothered about enquiry, it is simple.
You are not the body because it is an object that you SEE
You are also likewise not the mind because that too is objective.
What remains that is witnessing the appearance and disappearance of these two is what you are, very simply you are Awareness.

As awareness you can only be aware of yourself directly without any means or techniques etc
If attention is able to remain aware of this awareness all else will drop into place without effort and if attention is not able to do this it is simply not yet time for this to be steady, no effort will bring it about.

You are already Awareness, there is nothing to be added.
If there is a problem at all it is because it is too obvious and simple and the mind tries to DO it LOL


Stay with the sensation

What should I do, pratically, to stay with the sensations and let them be fully lived, should i listen only on a phisical level or should i feel them ” emotionaly” because emotionally i cannot feeel them i must think them!! Sorry but as u must haveunderstood i am a bit of a goofy about this subject …thank u.

We are all goofies trying to ungoofy ourselves
As a human experience we are made up of 3 parts essentially
1….. A bodily form
2….. A mind, which consist of feelings and thoughts
3….. This that is aware of them existing

If we look a little more closely at the mind we will see that thoughts arrive in consciousness AFTER feelings NOT before. Due to our conditioning and schooling we have been trained to miss the sensation and quickly jump to the story of the thoughts and this has led us to become separated from our world.

When we were very young we were FEELING beings NOT thinking beings and in that we were sensetive to our world as an extension of ourselves.

If you find the mental too much the answer is to withdraw the attention from it to what underlies it, the prior sensation, when one is able to do this easily then one becomes aware of the awareness prior to the sensations. One then begins to establish contact with this and at a certain moment one sees that this is actually what one is, NOT the body/mind but the eternal awareness prior to the sensations and the thoughts , and of course what is then obvious is that everyone is actually this One Awareness. This Awareness is ALWAYS ALREADY present as what is witnessing the mind and the body.

You are already this Awareness and this is the Truth. As this One you are the creator of the play of Life.

Do not hesitate to question everything and anything stated by anyone else to the point that it is YOUR truth.

Much Love


The sound of silence

The sound of silence…. Mine is a pulsating buzz…. How could be the sound of silence? It seems to be something external to me, and at the same time is inside of me… For sure I am aware of it, so it comes from Consciousness – Silence. What does this wanna say to me? That I am that sound?

When one first becomes aware of it yes it is as you describe, if the attention remains on it then it becomes more clear that it is in fact the SOUND of silence and NOT the silence itself.
This buzz is the first vibration that arises from the stillness of the true silence, this is the Aum and all other vibrations that appear as our experience of Life are variations of this initial vibration that then vibrates above and below itself to appear as all that the senses experience. It is all One.

It SEEMS to be external because there is the idea that there is an inside that is separate from an imagined outside.
Yet , as you say, also inside of you.
In fact it IS inside of you because in Truth you are the Whole and all that is experienced is being experienced INSIDE of you, you yourself are the non-experience within which everything is happening.

No! Not that you are the sound but THIS silence that hears the sound that it is creating
The sound is like an index finger pointing to the silence
Object to subject.
The object can and does disappear but the silence NEVER:
You are eternal


The deepest desire

It would be beautiful to hear you speaking about desire.

Our deepest desire is the desire to be desireless, empty.

All other desires which are for “things” stem from this and the inability to see that this is the deepest desire.

When we obtain a desired object we are for a short while free of desire and are again in contact with our homeground, emptiness.

The belief that has been handed down to us, that we obtain happiness from attaining “things”, however is a very strong conditioning and so in a short while the mind again begins its habit of seeking and again we are focused on an object that we imagine will give us what only by remaining attentive to Emptiness can give.

This game begins to come to an end when it is realised that our true desire is to be desireless.
What appears as imagined personal action is not dependant upon desire, the actions are impersonal and continue when desire falls away in the seeing that one is and has everything.