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Thank all for donation

I would like to thank all our friends who have given money as a donation towards getting us a decent camper van to travel around in doing the sharing. The picture, as most of you know, has changed slightly but maybe just temporarily as I will not be travelling much over the next few months as I need a tranquil and stable place to be to get o with the healing therapy that i wish to do. If I a successful and the body survives I will for sure put the money towards making the next bout of travelling more comfortable with hopefully less breakdowns than the last 4 years.
A big thank you to all who have donated towards this, I am grateful to you.
With much Love Avasa

From Avasa

This morning I went for the PET scan, this was the last in the present requirements to fulfil my agreement with the doctors before getting a complete diagnosis.
At lunch time I was visited by a doctor and the ematologist who told me yet again the situation and what I have, emphasizing that unless the chemotherapy begins in the next few days the delay will not be to my benefit and that if the cancer moves out of the testicles it may well go to the brain and the spine, the consequences of which are beyond thinking about.
Again the talk went in the direction of persuasion about my family if I decide not do anything about it and let things take their course. I was told to consider those around me who love me and I explained that if I die they will have to deal with their own emotions concerning that, which I am unable to do for them and which I am not responsible for. There was immediately a look of shock on the face of the woman ematologist  I see that in this situation the majority of people, having a fear of death, are easily persuaded to take what is offered as the only available therapy.
I pointed out that I know a number of people who have used other therapies to recover from cancer and have recovered so it was not true what had just been stated and that there are other ways to heal cancer. Again was the insistence on needing to get on with the chemotherapy immediately. I pointed out that I would only make a decision one way or the other about which therapy I chose if I was released from the hospital with a copy of the documents that they have collected on the diagnosis so far to meet with a friend of mine who is a doctor. I have stated this very clearly right from the time I was first approached on this matter of chemotherapy.
When it is clear that there is no one within the human form it is also clear, obviously, that no one dies so there is not fear BUT (the famous but!) I have two brand new fishing rods and two brand new fishing reels that I want to try out and make use of this year so I will be staying around for that.
It has been agreed that I will leave the hospital on Thursday 14th of this month.
I have spoken with both my partner Shikha and my daughter Tanya about which therapy I wish to do and the possible risks and they both agree with me in that I must do what I want to do regardless and that other peoples responses or reactions to that decision are their own to be dealt with.
I will explain the situation to my 7 year old daughter Daisy when I am out of the hospital so that she will be left with no surprises if my decision turns out to be the wrong one. I suspect that, like her mum and her sister, she will tell me that I must do what I feel is right for me.

From Avasa

Today in America 1 in 4 people get cancer at some time in their life, this increases every year. Today in Europe these figures are catching up also.
At one time scurvy was believed to be a disease and it claimed the lives of many thousands of victims, particular people in the maritime employment, sometimes killing the whole crew of a ship. It was believed to be a disease caused by some unknown virus that bred in the dark, dank holds of ships.
A native American tribe gave the French captain of one ship the cure, it was vitamin C. The remainder of his crew took it, 25 had already died, and they all recovered and lived to return home to France. When he returned to France with this cure it was rejected as some voodoo medicine of savages and it was not until 45 years later the cure for scurvy began looking in this direction and found that scurvy was due to a lack of a nutrient. All maritime ships from then on carried lemons and oranges in their food storage. Today scurvy rarely appears and is healed very easily.
Today cancer is the big one and again it has been decided it is a disease when in fact it is due to a vitamin deficiency, the required vitamin is B17. This is yet again one of many vitamins lacking in our present day diet of refined foods. Convenience foods give the space for cancer, and many other illnesses, to manifest when in fact they can be prevented by a good diet.
B17 is found naturally in a great many plants and can be obtained in the kernel of the apricot, particularly the Hunza apricot. The origin of this apricot is the Hunza valley in Pakistan, the average age of the inhabitants of this valley is over 100 years, there is no cancer present amongst these people.
Taken with a raw food diet of fruit and veg accompanied with fresh, raw wheat grass juice the healing begins almost immediately to slow down the cancer’s growth rate, it harnesses it and eventually brings it to a standstill.
A cancerous cell forms a membrane around itself which prevents white blood corpuscles attacking it, vitamin B17 contains a natural cyanide which breaks down the membrane and in so doing the white corpuscle is able to attack the damaged cell and destroy it so it can be disposed of.
The addition of vitamin B17 to any diet will act as a cancer preventative.
Today the testicles have again swollen in size and they tell me that there is still a lot of confusion and difficulty going on down there. Many of the cells are dead and some are close to dying which leaves a lot of work to the others, that are still themselves recovering, which they do not really have the energy for yet. I listen and watch what take place and meanwhile keep on with the diet.

From Avasa

Dearest Friends,
I am writing this from my hospital bed in Parma to keep you updated on what is going on with this body.
Shikha and I have received many texts and phone calls and probably many more emails, I am not on line, asking what is going on. This is understandable but I would like to point out that Shikha, my partner, is very tired as she visits me daily and in between has much to arrange besides having to deal with her own emotional stuff regarding this situation.
She does not need other people’s emotional download.
Some of you just send your love, which is the MOST helpful thing we can receive, but others vomit their mental movies instead of staying with the feeling that this situation has provoked and this is not in any way helpful to anybody. Far better to visualize a future moment when we will be sharing the space in a retreat or public talk again.
This situation is your own opportunity to look at your own fear of death.
The latest diagnosis that came yesterday is …..
Diffuse large lymphoma cancer type B. Prolific. Advanced stage 4.
Make of this what you will and remember that this diagnosis was made based upon the state of the cancer a week ago, things change.
The final diagnosis will come after the PET scan on the 12th of this month after which I shall probably rent somewhere near to Parma for a couple of months to recover and get physically stabilized. If possible I will arrange for one talk each week of around 2 hours for those interested, donation based.
Those of you who have visited me I am sure will agree that I am in good spirits and not suffering the situation, in fact as always I am finding it all very interesting.
The hospital staff are lovely people, both the doctors and the nurses, and I am more than happy with the care and efficiency that they have shown since I arrived here. The work carried out to arrive at a rapid diagnosis was beyond what I could have expected.
I am not in any pain or discomfort.
The only therapy to cure this cancer is chemotherapy, which as you can imagine does not appeal here. I know enough about the healing of cancerous cells to know that a true healing, NOT a cure, can be brought about by a change of diet.
If you feel to research Organic Wheat Grass Juice Diet, this is a diet I research many years ago and which is my choice of how to heal this cancer. It will be accompanied by a diet of raw organic fruit and vegetables. In the introductory stage this will be all imbibed as juices and then later on eaten.
I am fully confident that this is the healing therapy to follow.
Shikha has researched for the two best affordable juicers on the market, two because they do different things, and is now researching about the best available and affordable food dehydrator. As you can see we are approaching this in a practical, factual way.
At present, whilst in hospital, I am taking an organic wheat grass powder from New Zealand, the best available, and this has already made a difference to the body. The main thing with this healing diet is to grow the organic wheat and drink the juice of it within 20 minutes of juicing it, this is more important than all the rest of the diet.
If you feel to help in any way contact Shikha as we are open to new ideas, but please research first or really know what you are talking about and dont just send links.
I will try to keep you all updated about what is happening through my website as things progress.
A BIG hug and lots of love as always Avasa.
A BIG thanks and lots of love also from Shikha.


When speaking takes place it is always to you.
When hearing takes place that is you too.
The I that speaks is the I that hears.
That is the fact down all of these years.
There is no one else, there was no one there,
No one is here with no one to share
And this is the beauty this is the key
That unlocks the mind that is trying to see.
The truth is the I is always empty, alone,
Awaiting that moment when it stands on its own,
Knowing its self to be the only one.
When this takes place the seeking is done.
The speaking continues without worry or care
As I tell to myself there is nothing to share
And no one to share it with, yet it goes on,
For love is the player and for love it is fun.
This nothing is changing and goes on forever,
Bringing apparent pieces in oneness together
‘Til finally ’tis seen with a single eye
That all dissolves into itself bye and bye.
Leaving no memory, leaving no trace
Of the one long imagined whilst wearing a face.
It is seen all was always just an action of grace.



There is no answer to the question why but to say that it is because that is the way it is.
The game of the question WHY and the given answer goes on and on endlessly repeating itself and each reply gives rise to another WHY?, this is a play of the mind to keep its continuation because if that ends so does the one that believes it needs a reply to its question.
Once this is seen clearly the dropping away of interest in the WHY takes place and also the interest in the reply, when this happens one dissolves and only this, existence, is with no one that exists to question why it exists.
This then is sufficient.

The master

Q: Why words of some masters differ the one from the others or even contradict themselves in certain cases?

A: The word MASTER is not always used in the correct context.
When you really begin to see clearly the truth of yourself many of these spiritual heroes fall away.

Many of them have had a glimpse at some time or other but are not settled in it so it has become a memory of something that the mind has now taken up residence in. The balancing of that glimpse into every moment seeing is not a memory and when talking manifests from that seeing it is very different from what many so-called masters are saying.

Talking from a glimpse may well carry with it some words that resonate but this is not the same when the words are arising from the SEEING  of what one is.

In truth both of these that you mention are appearing as a reflection of your own consciousness, they are where you are within yourself, your consciousness, where there is still a seeing from the split mind as opposed to the whole mind. They are a reflection. Just be conscious of the feeling within yourself that you hold of them individually and it will become clear. You are looking at your own dream of manifestation.

Love love Avasa


Q: Is it useful the meditation to wake up to what one is?

A: Meditation is neither useless nor helpful in knowing what you are, if it is happening then it is happening, just that. It serves no purpose towards the realization of what you are but it may quieten the mind. It is not necessary to quieten the mind before the Self is realized anyway.

Your natural state, which is not a state at all, is what is present right now but if seeking arises in it as an activity of consciousness there is the tendency for attention to go to the activity and maybe follow it. In this case the attention is actually moving away from what is always present, the Self. So any seeking taken up moves away from the answer.

By simply being attentive to what is already present no seeking needs to take place but of course if what is permanently present is not recognised then teh following of the seeking action will probably appeal.
Whatever is done is not done by anyone anyway, it is simply activity arising from the stillness of Self.

Love avasa

When the body dies you will be as you are right now minus a body/mind

If it is true that we are just awareness that recognizes itself through a body and therefore there is nobody, why even for you awakened people the pain remain a personal thing? Should not the self recognized awareness in the awakened body perceive any emotional and physical vibe present in these bodies as if it was managing just one of them?

And if there is nobody but just awareness when this body will die it will come back to its potential state? Because if it is like that ot is not funny at all. Should not this be equivalent to non existing at all?

There are a lot of ideas about what enlightenment is and one idea that accompanies them is the idea that once awakening has occurred pain should not be felt.
Pain is a bodily sensation and as long as the body is alive and functioning in a balanced way pain IS felt. It is an experience which requires a body AND mind to be experienced, what witnesses the pain however is Awareness, always.
The so called enlightened PERSON, of which there is no such thing, experiences things in EXACTLY the same way as any other human form whilst the form is alive. Where awakening has taken place there is no idea that one has something that most others do not, all that has actually taken place is that the background has been recognized to be what one truly is, the subject, NOT the objects that appear within it. This is always already the case for all human forms even if it is not recognized to be so.
Your potential state is ALREADY the case, it is NOT something you become but what you ARE right now. When the body dies you will be as you are right now minus a body/mind, Awareness is NOT a created object so it cannot die as it was never born.
Do you exist or non-exist in deep sleep? You ALWAYS exist, even when no objectivity does.
I dont know if it is funny or not but it is the way it is LOL which once seen tends to make the experience of Life more precious and also more humorous.
None of this (creation) need ever have taken place but it did …… so there is a sense that it needs to be fully experienced to the best of the ability of the body/mind . It is a one off, not to be missed, no rehearsals and no repeats.
Much love avasa

hi and thank you for your kind reply. you say that death is similar to deep sleep, but then you are confirming me that once dead there is still awareness but there is no self realization. this, i’m sorry to insist, it is equivalent to non existing. It remains to understand why certain people do have out of body experiences seen that as you say the body is the only tool through which this awareness can become aware of itself. I dont expect another reply, mine are just consideration. I thank you again for your kindness, and i send you my best wishes,

What makes death and deep sleep similar is the fact that what is present in both cases is what you see as non-existence. The absence of subject and object Is neither existence nor non-existence. When the play of the creation is experienced it is experienced because the subject is bringing into play the object as an activity of itself, the subject is Awareness and is non-objective in itself whether the world is appearing or not. When there is no objectivity there can be no subjectivity either, there is therefore no-thing, which, we name Awareness when it brings into play the objectivity of the world. Non-existence cannot be formulated conceptually unless what we call existence is present. When existence is no longer manifesting there is only pure subjectivity that is not even aware of itself as anything at all.
Love to you Avasa