Author: Avasa

Fear of death

I would like to ask you why I do have fear of dying and the staying eternally in the nothingness as when one does sleep. It makes me afraid.

If your attention was rested on what you truly are and not on what you have been led to believe that you are, which is NOT what you are, the fear of death would subside in the seeing that you are timeless, unborn and therefore unable to die.
The fear of death is not present and cannot be until the attention of Awareness comes to rest on the body/mind and forms an identification with it.
What you are is not describable as it is NOT a thing, it is absent of thing-ness. As awareness you are not anything that the senses can focus on or describe as you are that which the senses hand their information of experiences over to, you as this One are neither existing nor non-existing, you are just BEING itself prior to anything created. You are always home and going now where, just watching the play of time.
Take a look for yourself as ONLY you are the authority in this ……. you SEE the body, you SEE that play of energy that we call mind, what are you that SEES?
Much Love Avasa

in which sense?
because time ago i had an accidentwith the car when i was 18 and now im 27.
and before waking upi remained for ten minutes in that state and i did not see anything and now thinking to remain like that makes me afraid,

You were in this Awareness for 10 minutes and you STILL are, the only difference is that your attention is on the appearance of the world again and not on the Awareness alone. When the body/mind was temporarily not able to function correctly the attention returned home naturally to its source, which is what happens at the moment of the death of the body, and also in deep sleep.
The world then some time later reappears and the attention goes to the objectivity and identification happens. The world reappears as it does each day in your experience OUT of this Awareness, this Awareness is ALWAYS present whether the body/mind is alive or dead.
What tends to happen is that the Awareness when the waking state is present ceases to be conscious of itself in most cases and overlooking itself it becomes unfamiliar. When awakening, satori, happens it is this that stands out and is no longer overlooked and is recognized to be what one is and so the fear of death that can only be present when the attention is on the form is no longer present.
In that 10 minute period there was no fear but it returned later when the attention again was focused on the body/mind.
Once the Awareness is located, in a sense, more and more time is naturally spent including it in on the deal of Life and living, ceasing to overlook this that is doing the looking.Being conscious of this that is ever-present witnessing evrything including itself is enlightenment. One no longer believes one’s self to be a thing because it is obvious in each and every moment that one is nothing and as this one is going nowhere, becoming nothing, just being.
With Love Avasa

A leap into the Void


Staying with it, living it, instead of avoiding it even it is unpleasant.
Staying with the sensation does not risk to bring you to identify with it?
Identifying with it means to go from bad to worse…
in other words from identifying with the body to the identifycation with the sensation, with a state of being (I dont think you mean this).
Today infact Ive read an essay in which you explain better this art:
” So the reply it is simply to stay at the level of sensation that is there BEFORE the mental stories, that come from the story itself”.
That level that is before the sensation is Consciousness (feeling of being, I amness), right?
I expect (I dont know) that the level is also before the mind that give birth to that mental stories.
Therefore, neither the mind or the body (that is where the sensations are are) can lead me to This.
What a mess!

If we go into a story about something it begins with a feeling, the feeling is the root.
If we see the story beginning and stay focused on the feeling prior to it then things
unfold in a way that the feeling returns to what is prior to it, nothing!
Of course the mind will try to jump in during the process and do the job, just allowing
the feeling to be present without doing anything with it is the answer. Doing nothing with
it also means not wanting it to go away or unfold into something that the mind would
prefer so it is a total acceptance of the feeling just as it is. It will then dissolve and
the focus is on the prior emptiness.
The difficult bit is that it can, and does, happen but it cannot be made to happen, in
other words it takes place when there is no one present to do it.
With love Avasa

Love never insists

There is’nt anything you can do, you cannot go against this awakening and you cannot accelerate it. Questions arise because  somewhere on the intuitive level the mind knows that something is happening of which it itself is not in control. The mind cannot ever produce silence, the mind is product of silence and therefore cannot produce what has been precedent to itself. But occasionally the mind can become aware of the approaching of this presence and although this is the thing that the mind wants the very most it is also the thing that it fears the most. It is the same scheme, the same game when you are falling in love. You see that you want to fall in love and at the same time a major part of you wants to resist it taking place. What you desire the most is what you fear the most because intuitively you know that if you fall in Love you give yourself up to love and you dissolve. Seen that it is Love that creates the entire Universe, Love will always find its own way to be able to make it happen, be clear on this. Love never insists upon its own way because it itself knows that it will have its way, it does not need to insist. This is the beauty and the power of love.


The key to acceptance


Dear Avasa, to accept this moment as it is including the ego, screams and cries, and all that is, what has to do with the bringing of the attention on yourself?

There is no one that can accept the moment but acceptance of the moment can happen.
When it takes place it does so because the attention is no longer primarily on the created object but on this that is prior to the object, the subject, the Self. Once the Self is seen the acceptance follows as a consequence.
When our attention is solely on the object there will be identification with the object and in that relationship there arises the game of a “me” either not accepting or trying to accept. Obviously neither of these can be true acceptance because there is a wanting of something from these taking place. In this there is the overlooking of the Self.
When the attention is on the Self there is no requirement for things to be other than just as they are because there is nothing to gain from either of these being different. When the Self is seen everything is seen to be just as it is with nothing to gain.
This is then acceptance.
With Love Avasa

Hopeless and helpless

hopeless helpless

“Also when the imaginary you feels to be hopeless and helpless there is just helplessness and hopelessness that is happening” Avasa

This is what happens, right here, right now, that a me claims for a child that “thinks” to be.,, it is many, too many years that i dont find peace in this reasoning… Then i am told that i must go through the end of the emotion that happens… To find out that everything dissolves into nothingness. The point is that it is right this the way in which (I) interpretate what it does happen… Meantime my life is broken out, and i dont really know what to do with myself.

If it is possible let Life unfold.
Yes it is a fact that if one can allow all that is felt to be felt fully it will dissolve
into non-feeling, Emptiness ….BUT….. This can only happen on its own and cannot be
made to happen as in Truth their is no one to make it happen.
There is nothing wrong with feeling helplessness and hopelessness if there is the ability
to stay with the feelings without going into the story that the mind for sure will try to
put to accompany those feelings as it tries to analyse what is happening.
This can and does happen but no one can do it.
Love to you Avasa

The Advaita message

the advaita message

I notice from your website that you didn’t follow a ‘path’ but that awakening took place naturally, which is encouraging.

Once you begin to understand the Advaita message you will see that there is no path as one already is what one is seeking.
What one is is no-thing and it is out of this still no-thing the action of seeking arises with the intention of finding itself as some-thing so of course as long as the seeking continues then the coming to rest in what is prior to the action, the self, cannot take place hence the concept of a path.
We try many different approaches when we become conscious that seeking has begun and assume that what we seek is other than right where we are and so all attempts to get to what is believed is elsewhere in another moment are destined to fail.
That failure finally is the releasing of the seeking action, by no one, what remains then is recognised to have always been present and seen to be what one is. It is actually so simple but the mind tells otherwise, even to imply that it is simple is to imagine that it can be done by someone but it cannot as the idea that one is someone is what has to drop, it has to take place naturally no method done by the imagined someone can remove the someone.


Inner and outer world

Dear Avasa
I live moment of wonder, it happens to walk thtough the city and meeting people withi which i look deeply in the eyes and in those moments I feel like disappearing or sometimes something gives me the feeling of a recal, the trees or the plants give me a feeling of intense peace in the heart, it is like the plants or the trees let me the possibility open. The question is WHY WE DO NOT ALL EXPERIENCE THIS FEELING OF WONDER CONSTANTLY ALL TOGHETER?
I want so much to learn life!!!
a dear loving salute

This question is one I have asked myself for many years and the answer that has come is – because we are not yet ready to live in the seeing of Oneness.
It is strange that Oneness is all that there is and within this there is the deep belief in duality that is itself an activity of Oneness.
Oneness is therefore already the case and the belief in twoness is also Oneness manifesting.
When one is open and able to meet a new person with no expectations other than they allow the same meeting from their side then this is the very best that one can be in relation to the possibilty of the whole of humanity coming into this seeing.
Much Love to you Avasa

I feel all the pain and evil that i have done and it is reflected in the world, it is breaking my heart, i feel all the time that i let my God to be the best, i ask forgiveness for every  war, that i amange to cause, i was just unaware. I have no intention to escape from this….. ALL THIS WAR IS INSIDE OF ME? a hug

Just do not take is personally as this war is in all of us as we are all the same One Being, one consciousness.
The desire for this craziness to end is all that is required for the gestalt to change so that a different way of relating will come about in the future.
The realisation of what we are is the fuel that gives this desire its ability to manifest.
The greatest good that can be done for mankind is the greatest good that one can do for oneself, realise what one is, this is the highest!
A big hug

Living for no reason

living no reason

Beloved Master, lately I feel the need to die, I feel suffering, and it is this “me” that pops up every day telling me that cannot manage anymore to find a good reason.
But when I feel I am losing myself, a strong fear takes me over…But how is possible to feel love. Thank you from my Heart

First one must be clear that it is the “me” that is required to die, NOT the body.
If the body dies of course “me” dies too but what a waste of what might otherwise be a good life experience.
The message is for the “me” to die INTO Life, to lose itself utterly in the experience of the body/mind and dissolve.
Remember that the “me” is just a concept, a very strong one, that is a thought in the mind and nothing more.
As you say in order for this “me” to survive it needs reasons and purposes etc because without such things it cannot maintain the illusion of itself.
So Life now is asking you to live without reasons and purposes, in the losing of these a deeper peace will reveal itself.
The fear felt is the dying of this “me” concept so let it unfold, it will anyway without the permission of the “me” if it is time for this dissolution to take place.
Much Love to you



What changes with the Enlightenment

Copyright & Credit: Csonka Peter

Hi Avasa,
Can you give me your opinion on my vision of the reality.
When I will have the gift of Enlightenment I will have anymore problems with sex and
I will have no problems with health and no problem with money or of any other sort.
This at times seems to be the message that comes to me, but what I feel true is that all can change or not at a “pratical” level but the only things that is changing is the seeing that you are not the body mind to which seem to happen “good things or bad things” that can be perceived and at the end to see that they are not problems but the play happening. If you can give me your opinion.

It is not that the problems disappear but that the one who had them disappears. All is recognised to be in balance and so good and bad no longer are seen as opposites but rather more as dancing partners.
When there is clear seeing there is also acceptance and in that acceptance there is simply action that arises
without the mind dictating whether it is the right action of the wrong one, there is spontaneous action of the body/mind to the circumstances.
Much Love



One Liners, a collection of quotes

Simple words for a simple message.
As an arrow goes straight to its target so these lines point to the same place that they come from, from Self to Self.
Let the Truth of these words overwhelm all the ideas about yourself and your world, to dissolve the illusion that never took away What you are. As a wave on the sea, always at home.


With elegance, intelligence and humour Avasa’s words hit the centerless center of our Being, like arrows darted off from Silence itself. A little book to sip slowly like a good old wine, whose aroma arises immediately to unfold afterwards in new and deeper understandings, pointing relentlessly to the reader to be actually the true author of what has been read.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

One Liners, a collection of quotes by Bodhi Avasa – click here to download