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Yesterday I bought a professional Dr Hulda Clark Zapper, we have two already. One takes a pre-programmed card and the other is a bit more advanced in that one can actually programme blank cards. The new one has 10,000,000 frequencies and can be set for any illness or disease by hand.
The zapper also works on the theory of Dr Rife too, bot Rife and Clark dedicated their lives to studying all the various frequencies that relate to particular illnesses, both were scientists at a very high level.
The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine and it is already present but not so well known because of the pharmaceutical industry’s wish to keep it hidden, as it has the herbal treatments and natural healing.
One day humanity will learn the simplest form of natural healing but first each of us needs to heal that place within ourselves where the idea of separation (for that is all it is, an idea!) began for that idea is the cause of all disease in the body and its out reflection as the wars and conflicts we see in our world.
“As within, so without!
We are one consciousness and when we identify with the false self, the imagined “ME”, we do not see our world as our reflection and so it manifests as if it is not. When it is seen that the world is our mirror it can then change for the benefit of all. Once awakening has taken place that is reflected as a world that is awakening.
Do you see awakening happening, I do! and to the degree you see what it is that is always awake within your own experience in each moment, to that same degree do you see this awakening in others and in the world. When awakening stabilizes in enlightenment the whole world is enlightened in your seeing of Oneness. All is your Self!


Today I took my first enema towards the healing taking place.
I have had enemas in the past but the body always struggled with them, not this time !
1.1/2 litres of distilled water with two tea spoons of cold pressed virgin olive oil held for 20 minutes and it was reluctant to leave the body, it was blissful! followed by bio coffee and 1 litre of distilled water and held for 1/2 an hour as the body was so comfortable on the bathroom floor it did not want to get up. I am becoming a health junky LOL
When I finally got back to my PC half an hour later there were 50 emails to reply to. I always like to honour emails as if people have taken the time to email me I feel that they deserve an email back, even if just to say thank you. I had already answered about 20 earlier in the day.
Already I can feel the body wanting to eat less as it stabilizes with the nutrition. People often ask if an organic raw food diet is expensive and the answer is yes it is but only for the first 6 weeks or so because as the nourishment establishes its place in the body one naturally eats less because one needs less.
When you consider there is a lot of electricity saved because there is no cooking, especially if one uses slow hand operated juicing tools, which consequently can sometimes be the best as they do not drag oxygen into the juice (not good) and also you need to eat a lot less bulk because there is a lot of goodness in less food now, then the price works out about the same or even less after a 6 week, or so, period.
Eating processed crap, it is not food, in comparison is expensive as because it contains very little nourishment, if any, and the body is constantly hungry and looking for what is not present in that crap.
So of course overall it works out either the same in cost or even less.
One 2oz glass of freshly cut organic wheat grass is the equal of 5 lbs in weight of the best choice organic vegetables or fruit. It does not take a genius to work out the saving in growing your own wheat grass and juicing it.
Do not assume that you cannot do this as all that is required are seed trays, or similar, some organic soil and water. These can be placed near a window or on a patio or balcony to produce an excellent drink of the very highest quality. Best however to start with powdered wheat grass to see its affect on you after a week and again after 6 weeks, you will move into growing your own very enthusiastically once you feel the effect.
Please note we are not talking about marijuana here but HOME GROWN best quality wheat grass juice for a very little price. LOL
The benefits of this juice are beyond imagination and if you need any information about this then just google ANNE WIGMORE, HIPPOCRATES DIET. She, like Dr Coldwell and a few others, is someone I have a lot of respect for as in her early years of establishing the Hippocrates Health Insitute she took on such big giants as Coca Cola on her own and won, a woman to be reckoned with.
At this point I would like to say thank you to Shakti for translating this update work, she is busy doing her own thing but still manages to do this for my website. Shikha was doing it initially but has been endlessly busy recently doing what is needed these days to help this body out and I felt it was too much for her. I am blessed with friends who value what has been shared over the years in the same way I value it and know the value of passing it on to others.
Oh well! another day done and no body did it LOL


Tomorrow I will go to some office here to get my identity card to officially say I am registered in Italy, Shikha insists on it so I have to go LOL
It is quite strange to class oneself as Welsh or Italian or any other nationality when one sees that one is not the body. It is true that I have a huge love for Wales but equally true is my love to be here in Italy, which is why I am here, France too brings up much joy when I walk in the forests there. All of these places have their own type of beauty which brings the joy of living into play, they are all my country when they are appearing, they all appear out of and in my Self, one with me as this No-thing-ness.
With the soil I obtained whilst out for the walk yesterday I manage to fill 7 trays and plant the wheat, the weather is cold but the wheat will grow, although slower than usual.
As a standby I still have the powdered wheat, which I take 3 times a day. Some people have told me that they cannot tolerate wheat so they do not use it, this is NOT actually true because all human beings can, and do, tolerate wheat.
Wheat that is not tolerated is processed wheat, where most of the goodness has been taken out of it, and the result is that the stomach cannot digest it properly, it requires ALL of its contents to be present for correct digestion. When the wheat is complete, minus the husk, it is a complete and whole food for the human form and in fact it is the one food that on its own can support a healthy body for years if it is was to be the only food available.


Shikha and I have had numerous friends ask if they can visit us and sadly we have had to say no. The situation here in Shika’s parent’s home is already not so easy as the place is very small. They have been great and very accommodating but they need their space and we need ours.
We need some place to stay for about at least 8 weeks where there is an internet connection and availability to organic food without travelling too far, preferably in quiet countryside or near the seaside.
We also have our little dog Toto with us and need somewhere to park the camper van and the trailer.
I am open to people visiting if we have made an arrangement between us beforehand and maybe even doing a talk , once a week. I must make it clear that I DO NOT want anyone coming to see us if they have even a hint of flu or a sniff or a cough as the immune system of the body is low already and does not need to take on board anything else. If these talks happen they will be also online for people to watch and to download, maybe with the addition of Skype.
If any body feels to help us to find a place that they feel suitable please contact Shikha,it will be much appreciated.


Today I found again a very interesting man who has very good information about healing illnesses Andreas Moritz. His knowledge seems to be very accurate and I watched a number of you tube videos of his. Finally I came across one by him about what happens at the moment of death, his information prior to this I was very impressed with but after watching just 3 minutes of this video on death I saw yet again, as I have seen before, that behind his healing was the fear of dying, it was clear that his knowledge was based upon this fear of death.
This does not in any way dismiss his knowledge of health but it points out that it is not complete, it is coming from a place of fear.
He went on to say that we choose our parents, if this was true I would have chosen better ones, and that our soul leaves this earth and goes on a journey ……. blah……. blah. Such stories are NOT true, they are mind stories based upon the concept that there is someone living life, which is the separation concept.
Such stories come about and are held onto because the imagined separate one is held onto and not allowed to die to the truth, THERE IS NO ONE IN THESE FORMS, No-Thing manifests AS them and operates THROUGH them, there is no individual soul inside doing its thing and going some place when the body dies!
Such stories as this prevent the very thing that is required to take place, the death of the imagined one, before awakening can happen and one realizes that one cannot die.
My daughter Tanya visited with our friend Rachana and my grandson Leon (Curly) and I managed a walk in the park, this time with a rucksack and a folding spade to collect the molehills ready to plant the organic wheat we have bought in trays to produce the juice. It was icy cold when we got back to the house but the body was content with the change in temperature. Daisy would not let me go to sleep this evening as she was so excited about her Xmas gift from Rachana, a Lego giant hotel! It is a delight to watch her mind work in the constructive way that it does with a thirst to learn new things.
Another day and the body is still alive and better than it was a week ago, something is working and I suspect it is not just the little bit of raw food therapy that I am managing to do. The love of others is very important and is felt very strongly, Love is the true healer, all else is a requirement to quieten the mind so it does not interfere in the healing process.


Today I noticed how this the body has become thin and how the skin no longer has the elasticity that it once had, again all of this is noted without any concern, it is just the fact of the moment.
The one thing that stands out above all else about healing is that if fear is present it slows down and even prevents healing taking place. The fear is always the fear of death regardless how it is diluted down to fear of …… blah blah blah, the fear is a mental story which is emotionally supported about what death is.
Death cannot be the story of what death is and it cannot be what is felt about death either because both of these experiences are NOT death itself. Death is that moment when feelings and thoughts dissolve back into the non active home ground that is the witness in each one of us and this is the only place that we can really be in touch with death and go beyond it and doing so brings an end to the fear.
We can only go beyond fear once it has been felt fully and then it gives way to intuitive understanding , in this we cannot fear because we have intuitively understood.
Where there is ignorance of what death is, because it has not been experienced fully, there will be fear. The fear exists to the same degree that the intuitive understanding has not developed.
Death is NOTHING, an absolute zero, the void, and it is this that is looking through your eyes right now, this same No Thing is rested behind all of the senses of the body/mind receiving the information of the experiences of the body/mind. This No Thing cannot die for it was never born and in this realization no fear can exist.
All that follows this realization can obviously be helpful to true healing but this realization is where it really begins. This realization is the foundation of all healing, including the healing of the concept of separation from the whole. This is the highest empowerment and when the play of action that we call mind moves from this, and not from a concept or an emotion, the very best action to take will arise impersonally and have its way.
There is no fear here of the death of the body and so as the desire for it to live is what arose, it could equally have been the opposite, then living will happen. Once one has allowed the fear of death to pass through oneself, the Self that is No Thing, then there is no reason why this cannot be incorporated into the healing procedure for others. It is a simple and factual sharing that CAN be shared with another, which may or may not bring them to it fully immediately but will enable them to get closer to that moment, where they SEE that they themselves are this deathless no-thing-ness. This procedure then obviously eliminates the fear more and more each time it is felt without avoiding it.
Less fear more chance of healing taking place.
This healing includes at the same time the healing of our world also, for to the degree it is taking place in the mind as intuitive understanding and at the emotional level as lack of fear it is reflected into what appears to be outside of ourselves, our world. It is in fact the only way to bring harmony amongst people into this world.
A couple of days ago I came across a Dr.Leonard Coldwell who reflects perfectly so far all that I know and understand about illness and the healing of it, he, like my friend Josie, is a naturopath and a very good one. He is also awake to what is happening in our world, well recommended to take a look at what he shares.
“physician, heal thyself”


In the mornings now the first thing is to take Pottasium Ascorbate with Ribosio followed by cell food and a while later sodium bicarbonate. This then is followed by a glass of the powdered wheat grass. The day consists of raw veg salad and some vegetable juices.
Two friends from Puglia came to visit to see if I had decided to take them up on their offer to pay for our trip to Florida to do a 3 week course at the Hipocrates Institute, this institute was founded by Anne Wigmore, who founded the institute, and is a place that I feel would be very beneficial for my body but again Florida seems so far away and I am getting weaker every day, too tiring a journey at the moment. They are friends who we met only this last year but connected with immediately, they listened to what had to say and made no effort to push anything in any direction. We spent some hours together as they have quite a lot of knowledge of healing and also are very dedicated to what is shared so the conversation was naturally in depth and very interesting.
Talk came up about Dr Hammer so after the left I researched his work which I found very interesting but somehow can not apply it here as, so far, I see not emotion trauma that has led to this condition of the testicles which is his theory. Maybe this will show up at some point but I doubt it as emotions here are always accepted and witnessed and no story from them is bought into and th feeling of them is never avoided.
An ex partner of 20 years has emailed me after finding out I had cancer and it turns out that she is now a naturopath so I am in good hands in that direction because I know that whatever she turns her hand to she does it totally. Josie does not entertain chemotherapy either so we are on to a good start.
I also emailed our daughter today, the first communication in 19 years.
I have always know that Josie, my ex, and my daughter Okha would come back into my life at some point. So now there is an added impetus for this body to continue to live.


We returned again to see the doctor of yesterday to see what the options are.
He suggested conventional chemotherapy or Di Bella method, which involves chemo anyway at a lower dose. He suggested that they both be accompanied with homepathy and nutrition from his side. When I talked about the raw food diet for some reason he heard vegan diet and I realized he knew nothing of what I was suggesting. So after another 3 hours with him today no conclusion ws reached about what therapy, if any, was to be chosen.
At this point a heated debate began as he could not hear what I was saying regarding not being able to make a decision. I explained that the decision to live was present but not the decision to follow any therapy so far offered. The reply was that if I did not choose a therapy in the next 3 days then it will be too late to start one.
I tried to explain that if a choice arose here it would not be from fear as there is none and it would have to come from the emptiness or it would not. Again he did not hear what was said and decided that I was in a very dangerous mental state and in denial of what was happening in my life. I told him that it had been this way since I was 23 years old and the idea that someone could produce a decision or choice had been seen through this was met with the retort that I must be enightened then but he did not think so.
At this point I saw it was useless to continue.
We left on good terms after I agreed to sign a paper that left him out of the picture if I should die as having tried his best to get me to take therapy. Here I saw his fear, his limitation.
What is very clear from this meeting is that even a doctor that works with alternative medicine is not open. The wish to live is here but the wish to do the therapies suggested so far is not, so there is just the witnessing of that fact and watching to see if anything appears as a decision.
I went with Shikha on the return journey to the bio shop to look at the products there while she was shopping for the organic vegetables. We also bought some trays to grow wheat grass on.

The story continued – January 18th

My doctor friend from Palermo had put us in touch with a friend of his who is a nutritionist and a homoeopathic doctor so today we went to see him. He was very thorough and covered everything we could think of to ask him and in fact spent a whole 3 hours explaining how cancer functions and what it is understood to be. We used up so much of his time that we have to come back tomorrow after he has assessed the best therapy for me. It was a very interesting afternoon and we left agreeing to return tomorrow.

January 17th 2016

After leaving the hospital I was finally able to begin taking various things that are needed to stabilize this condition and reverse it.
The first thing was a nebulizer with H2O2 and colloidal gold direct to the lungs and into the bloodstream. This will continue now each day. I sat and talked with Daisy with her mum present and told her of the situation, the reply was “ Well dad people do die and if you have to you will and if it is not time for you then you will just carry on living. Anyway you will still be here looking at the world through my eyes because no one dies, no one goes anywhere”. Just what I would have expected from my daughter.
I managed a 3 kilometre walk yesterday (more of an upright crawl) the first part I did alone and then Shikha found me and accompanied me back to her parents house.
A doctor friend who respects my decision not to take chemo has referred me to another doctor friend of his who will give me all the options for therapy and where to obtain them, apparently he is one of the few in Italy who is a mine of information about this so I am in good hands to continue in the direction that has been chosen.
There are moments where the mind pops up and tries to pull the attention into a fear story and these moments are just watched and felt emotionally, once the emotional side has passed through and again only the emptiness is present immediately the gestalt changes and a new way to look at this opens up outwardly. It is not difficult when one knows how to stay with the feelings which are nevertheless there from time to time.
I am researching a lot of other peoples findings who have healed themselves of cancer and regardless of all the heavy negative evidence produced by the hospital diagnosis I see the outcome as positive.
I am still feeling very grateful to all the staff at the hospital who enabled the bringing about of the diagnosis so quickly and many were sad to see me leave, at a later date they will be happy to see me alive and healthy and I will then share with them the way I have managed to do this without chemo.